Dissertation vs Thesis: Know the Difference and Similarities

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Many students confuse dissertation vs thesis. To understand these types of academic papers, read on to know how to differentiate them well and write the right paper

Dissertation vs Thesis: Get a Good Understanding of the Two to Write Aptly

The initial step to delivering a good piece is to know your task and what is expected of you. University students have come across these terms, and majority confuse dissertation vs thesis. Therefore, it is essential to know how a dissertation differs from a thesis in as much as they are both completed in partial fulfillment of an academic degree. They are also used to gauge the ability and comprehension to argue correctly. Here are some aspects to consider helping you identify the differences between the two research documents.

Length and structure

Their length and structure differ according to the program. However, dissertations are significantly longer than theses. Undergraduate and learners seeking master’s degree complete a thesis project in a semester. Doctoral candidates spend years on their research to complete a dissertation that can comprise up to 400 pages. The length and structure also differ depending on the field of study. Typically, science students write less since they do more hands-on experiments while learners in liberal arts and humanities programs write lengthier documents with extensive in-depth analysis.

Research content

Regardless of how institutions use the words, theses and dissertations have the same purpose. They need you to do proper and extensive research to prove you have attained and retained enough knowledge in your field to warrant conferment of a degree or doctoral certificate. The thesis reflects on learners own ideas and thus requires less research as compared to a dissertation that requires broad research from many external sources. Both thesis and dissertation are aimed to show how well learners can defend their work. Both of them are concluded with an oral defense where you are asked a question about your project. A dissertation defense can last for several hours while a thesis can last for an hour.

Understanding the context

It is essential to understand the cultural variances when it comes to final research projects. Europe and the United States defines these types of papers differently. For instance, in Europe, a doctoral thesis is a paper of unique research done to obtain a Ph.D. While a dissertation is part of the postgraduate study project. In the United States, a “thesis” signifies a document that replicates student’s idea supported by proper research. Therefore, if you plan to attend school in the United States or any other part of the world, it is essential to contact the individual school to verify how they use these terms. Ensure you stick to the guidance provided by the institution or in the region where you are taking your study. Either way, while writing your project, ensure you make it interesting with in-depth content that shows you prowess in research skills and the ability to write a top-notch piece.